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We can give You More than a Pension Advance!
We can give You a LumpSum Payment on any of the following:

  • Annuities
  • Trust Accounts
  • Lottery Winnings
  • Disability Payments
  • And…. Almost Any Kind of Pension

Rapid Pension Advances

          Pension Loans are great!

          Hello….. Dave Taynor here.

          If you need money right away….. for anything………..

          You need to be talking with the experts at Rapid Pension Advances today.

          You might need money:

                      •To Pay off debts… or, even taxes

                      •To Purchase a new car

                      •To Buy a new home

                      •To Pay for a wedding

                      •To Fund your child’s education

                      * To Pay off medical bills

                      •To Start a new business

                      •To Take a dream vacation

                      • Or, to do something special foryour significant other

          You can use these funds for virtually Any Reason…. We don’t care!

          It’s Your Money!    And… We can help you get it Today!

          I know I told you at the beginning of this video that the name of our business is Rapid Pension
…. We named ourselves that because we specialize inproviding funds to people that
would would like to utilize their pension for lump sum advances.

          We are experts in that field.

          But…..we can also help many people that need money, and…. that have:

                      * an Annuity

                      * a Trust Account

                      * Lottery Winnings

                      * And even those that receiveDisability payments

          So, if you need money today….a Lump-Sum Pension Advance ……

          And, if you have a pension….. or, one of those other financial instruments I just mentioned…

          Contact us today.

          We don’t have to tie up your complete pension,…. Just use part of it…… if you like.

          Tell us how much money you need.

          How long you would like to take to pay us back ……

          And, we will tell you what you qualify for.

          Click on one of the buttons above titled, “Get Access Now” and you will be taken to another webpage.

          This page includes an opt-in box.

          Enter your contact information… and then, click on the button titled “See How Much I can Get” and
then, one of my representatives will call you back very quickly…..  it might even be me.

          Or, if you want information right now…. Simply call us at 404-462-0129 right this minute. 
We will be more than happy to help you.

          Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

          It’s Your money…… Get it now!

          Thank you very much…..

          It’s not one of those Pension Loans ……. It’s a Lump-Sum Pension Advance……..

          It’s time you received your Pension Advance !

Everything but Social Security and 401K

It’s Your Money……….    Get It Today!
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